Kingmakers Adventure Path

Assault of the Stag Lord Fort

Our valiant heroes infiltrated the Stag Lord Fort disguised as bandit minions bearing alcoholic gifts. The standard bandit troops were dispensed with quickly and without prejudice. The the party successfully killed an owlbear and defeated the Stag Lord’s lieutenants.

The party then fought a pitched battle with the Stag Lord himself as he moved around the fort and fired deadly arrows. However, Caleb was finally able to cut him down as the Stag Lord backed himself into a corner on the final tower.

+2200 XP each character

Current Experience Points:

Borne – 10300
Knowlton – 10600
Valek – 10300
Caleb – 10300

Level up to 4th level!!!


Is this XP accurate? Are we 4th level?

Assault of the Stag Lord Fort

Yes, you guys are 4th level. You guys had ~5k before our marathon (just reached 3rd). The marathon session you each got ~3k which I somehow added 5k and 3k and put down 6k for each of you rather than 8k. Friday night you each got over 2k. That put you guys at over 10k total. 9k is what is needed for 4th level on medium advancement track. So yes, you guys jumped to 4th level in two ‘sessions’ although one session was basically 2 sessions (marathon) and your last session was the finale so its experience was higher than usual.

I know, it is unheard of…two sessions and gaining a level. But to be honest, I think the adventure expected you guys to be 4th BEFORE you assaulted the fort. I actually think they advise your part be on FAST advancement track, which I ignored. Medium is PLENTY fast enough. My preference would be slow advancement but then you would be 2 levels lower than they expect rather than just 1.

You guys are advanced players, you can handle being 1 level lower than they expect.

So level up to 4th. If this feels ‘too fast’, we can modify. I can add more stuff in the middle or you guys can take slow advancement. I doubt that is what you want.

Next session, you guys can put a bow on the Northern Greenbelt and start building your first ‘establishment(s)’ before we dive into the Southern Greenbelt. I’ll give you some breathing room before the South starts to pound your borders.

Assault of the Stag Lord Fort
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