Kingmakers Adventure Path

Greenbelt Cleanup

Our heroes managed to explore and clear all but a couple locations to the far southeast of the Northern Greenbelt. After some bad run ins with a Will-O-Wisp, the Shambing Mound and our favorite feral elf chic, the party was able to position itself for its inevitable assault on the Stag Lord Fort.

Perhaps next session…

Everyone got 3100 XP

Current Experience Points:

Borne – 8100
Knowlton – 8400
Valek – 8100
Caleb – 8100


I was thinking we got a few missed opportunities as I was thinking about some future goals and not living in the moment. The dead woodsman in the fallen tree error. We need to find out if he has a backstory (maybe someone at Oleg’s is missing him), etc.
I was thinking he might have been trying to kill the shambler. Maybe he put down all the bear traps and was making this trap for the shambler.
1) Bury Woodsman (maybe near Erastil’s temple maybe)
2) Pick up/disarm all those bear traps (maybe we can use them against the shambler)
3) Note the fallen timber for near future expansion of Oleg’s
4) Think of recruiting plans…we will need priest/druid as we got ours killed by leading him out to a place and left him by himself (mind you it was his vision quest to come and why I didn’t try to talk him out of staying). Prep to send out announcements (maybe through Knowlton’s bard (troubador, town cryers, etc) contacts and Borne’s Pioneer contacts to bring down settlers, traders, etc to the now “safer” Northern greenbelt.

Greenbelt Cleanup
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