Kingmakers Adventure Path

The Bandit Reformation Act

Our heroes accepted the charter for the Stolen lands. After arriving at Oleg’s, successfully defeated the nearby bandits and their camp. Three bandits were ‘converted’ successfully to workers at Olegs. Nine other bandits were killed in battle or hung for their crimes.

A small contingent of soldiers arrived at Oleg’s for security and a wandering priest made this fort his home as well.

Our party now looks to start mapping and clearing the area under their charter.

All members received 860 XP for this session.

The Oaktop Silver Mine Treaty

Our heroes be clearing the areas directly around Oleg’s Outpost and encountered kobolds binging on moon radishes in a clearing near the outpost. After gaining their surrender, they found out that their tribe was currently under a ‘curse’ and that anyone removing that curse would find favor with them.

After travelling to the tribe’s home in an abandon silver mine the Kingmakers infiltrated a nearby mite lair and recovered their ‘treasured statuette’. Upon returning it to the tribe’s leader, a quick coup ousted the tribes ‘tribal shaman’.

The Kingmakers then established a treaty with the kobolds they gives them the Sootscale kobold tribe as allies in the Greenbelt. The Kingmakers ended the session resting at the mine as kobold guests as they wait the recovery of their drained sorceror.

Curse of the Shambling Mound

Unfortunately on the way back to Oleg’s trading post, a Shambling Mound attack the party’s camp and night, killing and dragging away Aerith the half-elven/hald-draconic sorceress.

After refitting at Oleg’s, the party explored a few hexes near the outpost and then did a raid on the Mite’s lair under the large tree killing most of the inhabitants.

The party then took rest at the nearby mine with the Sootscale kobolds that are now their allies.

Stag Lord Fort Recon

After recovering several magic items from the former kobold shaman’s pile of ‘junk’. The party returned Svetlana’s wedding ring and refit for a foray back into the Greenbelt.

They explored several hexes and then began recon on the Stag Lord’s fort. On their recon, the ranger and the rogue were set upon by zombies and barely escaped with their lives. The party then retreated to the fangberry grove to heal and regroup.

Tatzlwyrms, tuskgutters and cursed bears...Oh my!

The party managed to complete three mini missions by killing a tatzlwyrm, the tuskgutter and cursed bear protecting the old Erastil shrine. Several other areas were cleared and the party returned to Oleg’s with Teila a hot elven chic that the party met in the wilderness. (of course)

Greenbelt Cleanup

Our heroes managed to explore and clear all but a couple locations to the far southeast of the Northern Greenbelt. After some bad run ins with a Will-O-Wisp, the Shambing Mound and our favorite feral elf chic, the party was able to position itself for its inevitable assault on the Stag Lord Fort.

Perhaps next session…

Everyone got 3100 XP

Current Experience Points:

Borne – 8100
Knowlton – 8400
Valek – 8100
Caleb – 8100

Assault of the Stag Lord Fort

Our valiant heroes infiltrated the Stag Lord Fort disguised as bandit minions bearing alcoholic gifts. The standard bandit troops were dispensed with quickly and without prejudice. The the party successfully killed an owlbear and defeated the Stag Lord’s lieutenants.

The party then fought a pitched battle with the Stag Lord himself as he moved around the fort and fired deadly arrows. However, Caleb was finally able to cut him down as the Stag Lord backed himself into a corner on the final tower.

+2200 XP each character

Current Experience Points:

Borne – 10300
Knowlton – 10600
Valek – 10300
Caleb – 10300

Level up to 4th level!!!

Stag Lord Fort Aftermath

Our heroes finished clearing out the stag lord fort and packed up the stolen item to return to Olegs’a Trading Post. Next mission…remove the shambling mound threat to the area.

+500 XP each character

Current Experience Points:

Borne – 10800
Knowlton – 11100
Valek – 10800
Caleb – 10800


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